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Die Karten können in 3D runtergeladen werden.

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Making-of the Wielun animation

1. Search OSM data Wielun Wieluń on

2. Download OSM data Wielun Wieluń on

Downloaded file: map.osm, 2.5 MB

3. Convert OSM data

Rename downloaded file map.osm to wielun.osm.
Convert the OSM data with osm2world.
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$lpsolvepath

java -Djava.library.path=$lpsolvepath -Xmx2G -jar OSM2World.jar -i wielun.osm -o wielun.obj
We get a lot of nasty error messages from osm2world: osm2world.out
They need not to bother us. Two files were created:
wielun.obj, 4.1 MB
wielun.obj.mtl, 6.3 kB

4. Start Blender


5. Import wielun.obj

Blender wielun.obj Menu: File/Import/Wavefront (.obj)

Objects: 3319
Vertices: 62,595
Faces: 81,783

After the import all objects are selected. Scale them with the factor 0.02, because Blender is best when the models aren't bigger then 20x20 Blender units.

Add a sun and two hemi-lights so we can see something.

6. Inspect the model

To inspect the model we set a few cameras in position and make test-renderings. inspect the model of Wielun inspect the model of Wielun inspect the model of Wielun inspect the model of Wielun

7. Repair missing ground

repair missing ground repair missing ground
add a plane
scale the plane with factor 20
move the plane in z-direction: -0.001
assign a material to the plane: TERRAIN_DEFAULT_0

8. Repair AreaFountain3117

repair AreaFountain repair AreaFountain repair AreaFountain
Select all faces with the material PURIFIED_WATER_0.
Move the selected faces in z-direction: +0.001

9. Improve materials

improve materials improve materials improve materials

9.1 less glancy

change specular from 0.5 to 0.1
except for the streetlamps

9.2 change TERRAIN_DEFAULT_0 and GRASS_0 (ground)

specular: 0.0
diffuse color: 587A4F

add texture Clouds
size: 0.2
color influence: 0.7
color value: 8F7714

9.3 change diffuse color

HEDGE_0: 4B831A
MAT_2_0 (tree green): 2C5D19
MAT_2_0 (tree trunk): 2C5D19
EARTH_0: 552807
PURIFIED_WATER_0: 194773 (water is not just blue)

9.4 add a sky

10 Improve trees

improve trees improve trees
select all trees
join them all to one object: ctrl-j
add subsurf modifier, view: 1, render: 1
change shading to smooth
change specular to 0.0

11 Make the scene more dramatic

change streetlamp material
change streetlamp material STEEL_0
emit: 5.0
colors: D3BC35

lights lights
change sky

sun: energy 0.4
hemi-lights: energy 0.2
hemi-light 1 color: 77A166
hemi-light 2 color: 7293A7

add 5 point lights

12 Camera track

camera track camera track camera track
Select interesting views along the main road and connect them with a path.
Animate the camera with "follow path" constraint.